T H E U N S E E N is a material exploration house that blends science into materials; focused on seeing the unseen.

Founded by Alchemist and RCA graduate Lauren Bowker.
T H E U N S E E N uses chemistry alongside design to develop simple visual solutions applicable to everyday complicated and invisible problems, visualizing data by using the primal language of colour change.

“We believe technology is Magick”

The art house has exhibited worldwide from The Royal academy of Arts to the Royal Academy of Engineering, stocking our luxury collection of accessories (made in Britain) worldwide from Selfridges (London), to the Cooper Hewitt (New York).

TH E U N S E E N works both as a bespoke innovation consultancy to global industry leaders across sector and is a internationally recognized brand itself in the worlds of Material, Innovation, Art, Science, fashion and Design.
TED fellow and WGSN future award winner Lauren was recently invited to visit Ten Downing Street and also sits on the Board for the European Council for the Internet of Things.